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Synctive is the fastest way to launch, test and scale your machine-as-a-service model. We provide a turn-key solution that suits your needs.

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synctive asset management

Asset Management

Never lose track of your assets

The Asset Management module allows you to connect new machines, manage your fleet and keep an overview of all machines in the field at all times.


Connect new machines to the platform in just a few steps. The predefined process will save you a lot of time.

Digital machine file

What is known in the car as a checkbook, is also possible in mechanical engineering with Synctive! The digital machine file documents everything that happens during the life cycle of your machine.

Logistic status

In a circular business model, it is important to know the location of your machines - in the warehouse, at the customer's site, on its way back to you, or already being refurbished?

Contract Management

Manage all machine subscriptions in one place

Specify various contract periods, billing units, and price components - according to your customer's individual requirements.


Billing models

Flat fee, usage-based billing or service charge - you decide on the billing components. Synctive offers you complete flexibility and adapts to your individual business model.

Billing units

When it comes to usage-based billing for machine services, you decide which unit of measurement will be used for billing - either by time, piece, volume, distance or output.

Subscription plans

Define standardized subscription packages for different customer groups and machine types.

synctive machine monitoring

Machine Monitoring

Gain a detailed view of all relevant data around each machine

With Synctive, you know exactly how machines are used, what condition they are in, when the next maintenance is due and much more.

Performance KPIs

Synctive provides you with key performance indicators for each machine in use at the customer's site.


The combination of performance data, additional peripheral data and smart alerts keeps you informed about the condition of your machines at the customer's site at all times.


Thanks to condition data and predefined maintenance intervals, you will know exactly when the next maintenance job is due for which machine.

Automated Billing

Save tons of time on recurring billing

One process that changes with subscription models compared to the classic sales model is billing. But don't worry - Synctive generates automatic billing reports and saves you a lot of time and effort.

Automated recurring billing

Synctive saves you a ton of time by automating recurring payments to ensure your customers pay for their machine subscriptions.

Usage-based billing

No matter whether pay-per-use or flat fee. Synctive aggregates all price components periodically. This way, you know exactly what amount you need to invoice to your customers.


Integrating your existing applications is a top priority. Via the Synctive API, you can automatically transfer all relevant data to your billing and accounting systems.

synctive customer dashboard

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Customer Dashboard

Give your customers full transparency

Let your customers gain full transparency and the flexibility to manage their subscriptions themselves - from requesting a service, changing their addresses and payment details to analytics and insights.

White label

Style the customer dashboard to fit to your design and brand identity and create a seamless customer journey.

Invoices and service

Let your customers download invoices, request help and services or change their customer data.

Analytics and insights

Give your customers valuable insight into the performance of the machines they are using.

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Get actionable data
& insights in one place

By default, machine subscriptions are recurring, circular and day-to-day business. Track everyday KPIs to oversee your business' growth and get insights to feed your decisions. Synctive will give you endless possibilities to make data-backed decisions.

Daily summary

To avoid you having to wait until the end of the billing cycle for relevant machine usage data, we provide you with daily summaries of all machines, contracts and customers.

Custom dashboards

Key metrics vary by industry and you know best which data needs to be monitored. That' s no problem with custom dashboards from Synctive.


Successful machine subscriptions are all about understanding your customers and their needs. With Synctive you will look into the future with them.

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