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Launch and scale your machine as a service business model now

Synctive enables you to introduce and scale your Equipment-as-a-Service business model. Transform the way you do business, increase your customer satisfaction and unleash your revenues and margins. Fast, easy and cost-effective.

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From launch to scale.

We understand machine subscriptions.

For SMBs

Synctive is the only management software designed for launching your machine as a service with success.

For Enterprises

Provide state-of-the-art customer service while growing your margins, expand your market share and create long-lasting customer relationships.

For Startups


From launch to scale

We understand machine subscriptions

When we started building Synctive, we noticed one central problem: complexity.

Too many software solutions are needed to implement and manage IoT-based business models - until now.

Synctive combines all essential processes in one tool - machine subscriptions made simple.

For SMBs

Give your customers the service that they want and deserve. Create close customer relationships and support them in operating your equipment.

For Enterprises

Provide state-of-the-art customer service while growing your margins, expand your market share and create long-lasting customer relationships.

Reliable and complete

All-in-one or exactly what you need

Synctive is a holistic management software designed for making your machine as a service business successful.

We built a flexible and reliable solution that bundles all information and business processes in one place.

Holistic solution

All essential processes in one tool

Machine onboarding

Connect machines to Synctive platform directly via the PLC, an existing IoT platform or the Synctive IoT gateway.

Contract Management

Select billing unit, define usage fee per unit and basic fee per month.

Monitoring and Service

Never lose track of your assets. Using Synctive, you always know about the location, usage, condition and next service of your machines.

Billing & Insights

Synctive automates the recurring billing of your machine subscriptions. Whether fixed monthly amounts or usage-based billing - our solution saves you a ton of manual work.

Modular and adaptable

A management system tailored to your needs

Transform any kind of machine into a machine-as-a-service model. We have the right solution, no matter where your company is on the digitization journey.

synctive asset management

Business model revolution

Fast, easy and

Synctive is the fastest way to launch, test and scale your machine-as-a-Service model. We know what is essential when launching and operating Equipment-as-a-Service - and we take you by the hand.

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The Synctive platform perfectly complements the machine we have developed and allows us as a company to implement flexible usage-based business models quickly and efficiently.

Kai Gradert

International Sales Director Fr. JACOB Söhne GmbH & Co. KG

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Customer benefit and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Our claim is the highest level of quality in the field of technology and in service. With Synctive, we can focus on exactly that.

Christoph Wolter

Managing Partner, Hepro GmbH

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